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My world~

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What About Me?
Hello! Welcome to my Liverjournal. Thanks for stopping by and actually taking interest in this. You can call me Marielle or by my user name m_elle09.
Other basic info
Birthdate: July 9
Favorite Color: Pink and Green
Background/Heritage: Filipino with Chinese and Spanish blood
Languages: fluent in English, Tagalog, and somewhat in Spanish. Can understand tidbits of Japanese and Korean *sigh* I wish I was fluent in both ^_^
More About Me
Well like I said, this is my Livejournal. I can’t really tell you what I specifically post about. I upload videos sometimes and screencaps. I also make icons and wallpapers so you’re welcome to take a look at them! Another thing that I do is write drabbles and short stories. Most of them are about the fandoms that I love! ♥ Feel free to read them and comment. This isn’t friends locked at all because, just as a warning, I’m not exactly speedy with posting or anything because of school and all. (Oh, and im a huge procrastinator) So sorry about that. But if you do decide to friend me, it'd be wonderful if you could leave a message or something saying hi! I’m a pretty nice person…at least I like to believe so. I don’t bite. I promise! And just as a warning, I’m pretty wacked up and crazy. Not to mention a HUGE pervert. I also pretty much comment a lot on different posts so you’ll see me around! If you have questions, or anything, feel free to ask me. I’m open to new friends! ^_^ Right at this moment, I’m busy with school and madly in love with DBSK/Tohoshinki and Arashi. To be specific, I absolutely adore Matsumoto Jun, Xiah Junsu, and Micky Yoochun.
Likes and Dislikes
I love Photoshop. I like experimenting with it although most of the times it doesn’t end up well. Oh well. I love my friends and am very open to meeting new ones. The more the merrier! I love anything adorable and anything that can make me laugh. I believe that laughing is the best medicine. Being positive at all times is always a must. It’s always a good thing to look at the world in a bright and open aspect. I also adore reading romantic fictions like A Walk to Remember. I’m huge on the “awww” and “adorable” thing, so I tend to say those a lot. People that are confident, strong, have their own opinion, funny, crazy, and unique make me smile. I love hearing laughters and seeing people smile as bright as the sun! That’s why I ADORE Xiah Junsu’s unique and adorable laugh. It’s one of a kind <3 Chinen’s admiration for Ohno is also SO wonderful! And Ohno’s beautiful hands haha. Oh, and I love beaches and sunsets and watching movies or writing when it rains.
I don’t like people that are negative about everything. It’s such a sad thing to waste our precious lives on not enjoying every bit of it. I also don’t like people that are rude and disrespectful towards other people. If you don’t like what they have to say or what their opinions are, then please don’t say anything. It’s none of your business what they feel or think. I also don’t like those who don’t appreciate what others are doing for them. A simple thanks goes a long way. I’m not a big fan of bugs and I have a fear of heights.

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[VERB. n. (i) DBSK Xiah Junsu (ii) it's what who I do ;)]

Xiah Junsu holds the to my

Matsumoto Jun is my special angel

♥ » I saw [Sakurai Sho] and [Tegoshi Yuya] sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G

 OMG! *Masuda Takahisa* Won't stop singing me LOVE SONGS w/ his SEXY VOICE!♪

I am 「Kim Junsu, the Ue Kyang Kyang Court Jester
I am 「Kim Jaejoong's Paranoid Future-peeping Wife
I am 「Park Yoochun's Mistress stricken by His Bigger than "Gingerbread man's vitality" Love

I am 「Choikang Changmin's Prized Body Insurance Daughter
love2(Park YoochunxKim Junsu)

Xiah Junsuis my SKY

{APRIL FOOL'S!} No! I'm not lying! Jung Yunho is my Engrish Teacher and Tegoshi Yuya is my pet. For real.

Park Yoochun » gl0mp4g3 m4gn37!!!eleventyone - ⌈ w o r d . ⌋
Xiah Junsu Baby, I like you like that.

Tegoshi Yuya Baby, I like you like that.

Unofficial claim(s):

jounetsu is the Su to my Yoo